Vancouver Island, Canada

Our Services


Port Alberni Valley, British Columbia: Blue Marlin Inn/ Arlington Hotel

Pink Mountain: Sasquatch Crossing Hotel, Buffalo Inn

Food & Beverage

Port Alberni Valley: Turtle Beach Café, Puddle Ducks Pub, Frog On The Log Lounge, Mags Chicken & Mexican


Our Mission

We believe relationship is the key to our success, and we are extremely proud of the relationships we have fostered over the years. We are committed to going the extra mile, and extending the human touch to everyone who walks through our doors.

Community Give Back

Businesses at Mag N Mel’s Ventures are of the people, by the people, and for the people. We believe our success is closely tied into our local communities, and we have a responsibility to help the less fortunate, and contribute to the common good. Not only do we support and donate to local charities, we are also host and organizer of fundraising campaigns, events and activities. 

We are also proud partner, sponsor and supporter of Laos Today Tomorrow Forever Foundation, a non-profit organization responsible for helping to develop an entire district in Northern Laos by building a total of 43 schools, 3642 toilets, 64 playgrounds and 128 clean water systems,


Our Story


With over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, owners of Mag N Mel Ventures – Melody and Richard Magaton -, have established their company around serving their clients with the best of integrity and services.

With an outstanding reputation in providing top quality foods, accommodations and services that were much needed in the ever-growing hospitality industry, Mag N Mel Ventures have grown exponentially over the past 18 years while still keeping their heart-warming, home-style and personalized service.

In 2000, Melody and Richard created their first catering company in British Columbia, Canada, providing much needed services for the booming oil and gas industry. Since then Mag N Mel’s has grown to include several Hotels and Work Camp services on the Alaska highway mile 143 and 147; several restaurants plus a food chain throughout beautiful British Columbia; and a historical bed and breakfast famous among the locals in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island.

While keeping busy leading their team of workers in the hospitality industry, Richard and Melody have always found time to give back to their local communities through organizing and holding various fundraising campaigns and events to help support the people most in need.

In 2017, with a trip to South East Asia, Melody and Richard decided to take their philanthropy to the next level by supporting and then joining a friend’s foundation, Laos Today Tomorrow Forever Foundation (LaosTTFF), based in Laos PDR. Taking on the responsibility of helping develop an entire district in Northern Laos by building a total of 43 schools, 3642 toilets, 64 playgrounds and 128 clean water systems, Mag N Mel Venture has taken a leading role by joining the board of directors to make sure, like always, the job gets done.

Since then the creation of Today Tomorrow Forever Foundation (TTFF) based in Canada has been formed. With Melody as one of the leading Directors of TTFF, she continues to serve not only the hard-working people of Canada but also the children and families in a small and almost forgotten country in Asia, Laos PDR.