Vancouver Island, Canada
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Your Home Away From Home

Love what’s changing here, nice to see the heritage coming back and not just making changes to take away its spirit! The food and the service in the whole establishment fabulous! Nice to see the pride that’s taken in each employee to provide friendly service!!

Sharon Mohan Smith, Port Alberni, BC

Blue Marlin Inn/ Arlington Hotel

Port Alberni, British Columbia

A Gem of The Alaska Highway

This review is a little late, but I am still raving about these two hidden gems on the Alaska Highway. Back in June, an old friend from Highschool and I met here for a long overdue catch up, and a quick visit. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I was I suggested this beautiful halfway point for us. We met just after lunch, and as we made our way into the hotel, Sherry’s Mom and her fella went into the Restaurant as we sat in the seating area and caught up on 35 years of our lives. As we sat there, Rose came by, and brought us each a bottle of water, and for a few moments, chatted with us about our long lost friendship. When it was time to go, Rose thanked us profusely for stopping in, and wished us well. She was absolutely nothing short of very hospitable and kind. Sherry’s Mom raved about the soup, and her “fella” told us that Rose kept them very entertained as they ate their lunch. I was so touched by Rose and her kindness, very impressed with her customer service, and the wonderful camoflauge furniture and the relaxing atmosphere of the Lodge itself. In fact, I was soo impressed, I called later on that afternoon and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Wayne, who I passed on my thanks and gratitude for the wonderful visit to the Buffalo Inn. IF you are travelling the highway, stop in and say hello to Rose (and Robyn) and the wonderful folks of the Buffalo Inn. The food is fantastic, and the smiles and hospitality are out of this world, you will NOT be disappointed!

NorthernGypsy, Fort Nelson, CN

Buffalo Inn

Alaska Highway, Pink Mountain

We LOVE Sasquatch Crossing

We love Sasquatch Crossing! It was the first place we stopped at in northern BC that felt magical & mysterious! The staff are super friendly and seem very appreciative of customers. Although we were hoping the real Sasquatch would make an appearance while we were there, staff said s/he usually appears after larger tour groups experience their delish food so we took pix with his carved statue. When driving in northern BC, travelers have the dilemma of looking at the glorious scenery or scanning travel guides to see what is coming up. If we had seen Sasquatch Crossing on the BC map, we would have definitely planned to stop in so I recommend Sasquatch Crossing have its name on the BC map and have its own Trip Advisor listing.

Althea S , Shell Lake SK

Sasquatch Crossing

Alaska Highway, Pink Mountain